Emily Terry

Creator of
the New Silhouette
Transformation System

Think Thin:

30 Days to Changing the Way You Relate to Food…Forever

Beat Yo‐Yo Dieting and Keep Weight Off Once and For All

There are many ways to get slim temporarily and most involve enormous amounts of will-power, starvation, surgery or drugs. None of them keep the weight off — and in fact are designed to keep you coming back again and again. New Silhouette is different: a complete once-and-for-all weight loss system that works.

Beat Your Demons

STOP being a slave to food! If you're tired of being controlled by your appetite, you've come to the right place. New Silhouette will help you understand WHY you struggle to lose weight and keep it off...and how to make simple changes that will revolutionize your waistline (and life)! READ MORE

Stop Yo‐Yo Dieting

If you're stuck in the up‐down, up‐down, up‐down pattern that afflicts so many dieters, now's your chance to find out how you can break the cycle and live a healthy life, free from binging, crash diets and guilt. READ MORE

Keep Weight Off

You've heard the old statistic: up to 95% of dieters gain the weight back. The solution? Don't diet! New Silhouette isn't another trendy diet ‐‐ it's a new way of relating to food and weight that is long‐term sustainable. READ MORE


FREE Weight Loss Coaching Session

Have questions about your weight loss journey? Curious if New Silhouette is right for you? Want to talk to an experienced, caring weight loss coach who knows what you're going through? Even if you never choose New Silhouette as your weight loss solution, get a FREE 30‐minute coaching session and kick‐start your weight loss process!

My Story

When I was 14, I began my lifelong battle with my weight. I tried everything: starving myself, binge exercising, trying this magical diet or that special pill. Then I discovered something that changed my life.

Success Stories Listing

What kinds of successes are others having with the New Silhouette system? Explore the success stories others have had with our complete, once-and-for-all approach to weight loss that does NOT include fad diets or excessive exercise.


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