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3 Awesome Low-Impact Exercises

Posted by: Emily Terry | Posted on: June 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

Getting into a habit of regular exercise is one of the most necessary parts of creating a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, for those who are just getting back into exercise it can be very hard on the body to do so. Most of us think of exercise as running a marathon or lifting weights but those can be very hard on your body. If you are just getting into exercise you’ve got to start with low-impact exercises.

1)    The lowest impact exercise of all is swimming. Swimming is a great way to work all your muscles simultaneously without putting any stress on your joints. Most gyms with pools offer a variety of lap swim times and aqua aerobics classes.

2)    If you don’t want the hassle of getting in and out of the pool, though, you do have other low- impact options like riding a bike. Bikes are great because they work indoor or outdoor and you can incorporate it into your routine easily by riding a bike to work or on errands.

3)    Walking is the easiest of all exercises. It requires no special equipment (except sturdy shoes) and is fairly low-impact but also gives you the benefits of weight bearing exercise. This is another one that is easy to work into everyday life. Trying getting off the bus one stop early or parking at the far end of the lot or taking the stairs. All of it counts as exercise!


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