Emily Terry

Creator of
the New Silhouette
Transformation System

My Story

When I was 14, I began my lifelong battle with my weight.

I tried everything: starving myself, binge exercising, trying this magical diet or that special pill. After nearly 40 years of failure, I had pretty much resigned myself to always feeling badly about myself and my body.

Suddenly, I didn’t have to beat myself up about my dieting failures, because they weren’t my fault! My body didn’t function like everyone else’s, and that’s why I had such difficulty keeping weight off.

Success Stories

I struggled for about 15 years trying to lose weight. I am so happy that I took the plunge. I am proud of myself… just a few weeks after I got to wear a bikini for the first time in about 15 years. My life is so much better now… READ MORE

It was like a huge load had been lifted from my mind and spirit — and after a very short while, off my body, too!

But it got better. Because not only could I finally let go of the shame and guilt I’d been carrying around for so long, Dr. Simeon proposed that there is a way for people like
me release the excess fat stored in the body. I just couldn’t do it using
"conventional" means.

And it worked.

Here’s a picture of me just last year — even though I know it wasn’t my fault, I still don’t love showing it publicly…but you need to see where I’ve come from.

And here’s a picture of me now. To date, I’ve lost 70 pounds (over 30 kilos)! Notice that although I lost the weight quickly, there is no saggy skin, no gaunt face, and no excessive tiredness. That’s because, using this method of weight loss, the skin tightens quickly as you lose the extra pounds — and your body is energised as opposed to depleted!

Since my personal transformation, I’ve been eagerly helping my friends (both men and women) to achieve the same life-changing results! I started my own weight loss company, New Silhouette, so I could share the amazing truths I found about fat and health.


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