Emily Terry

Creator of
the New Silhouette
Transformation System

Why it Works

Contrary to popular belief, mere overeating does NOT cause obesity (unless you eat thousands of extra calories every day). Instead, obesity is our body’s defence against all the harmful foods we eat in this day and age of over-processed, chemical-laden meals.

You see, hunger is the body’s way of telling us it needs more fuel. Because so much of the food we eat doesn’t actually provide us the energy we need, many of us live in a constant state of hunger: quite literally, our bodies are crying out to be fed! The more out of balance our digestion system is, the hungrier we feel, causing us to eat more and more. When you think of it this way, you might say that obesity CAUSES overeating…instead of the other way around!

New Silhouette works because it gets to the heart of the matter and teaches you how to actually feed your body with healthy, nutrition-rich foods and supplements that allow you to be fully satisfied.

The result is no hunger, no cravings, no calorie counting…just real, lasting weight loss and all the energy you need.

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Success Stories

I struggled for about 15 years trying to lose weight. I am so happy that I took the plunge. I am proud of myself… after I got to wear a bikini for the first time in about 15 years. My life is so much better now; I live with the attitude that anything…READ MORE


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